Instructor Bio

Brandon Lovelady

Canongate 1 Golf Club

The fundamentals of golf are the key to improvement. With that in mind, Canongate I’s Brandon Lovelady wants to help you improve with the proper application of those fundamentals. With an emphasis on grip, set-up and alignment, Brandon’s goal is to help you get better for the long term. In addition to helping the student understand swing theory, Brandon wants to help you take advantage of the abundance of technology available to the golfer. A talented club-fitter with six years of experience to his credit, Brandon has a wealth of knowledge about the scientific aspects of ball flight and how to make a club perform its best for each player. Brandon has been playing the game since the age of six, and has built an impressive resume as both an amateur and professional golfer. As a junior golfer, he was a full time student at the IMG/David Ledbetter Golf Academy in Bradenton, Florida. While there he was exposed to some of the best instructors in the game. He played his collegiate golf at the University of North Alabama. As a professional, he has twice represented Georgia as a member of the Georgia PGA Assistants Cup team and was the 2012 Georgia PGA Assistants Champion. He continues to remain active and competitive in the professional game.

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