June Is Club Fitting Month

Club Fitting Promotion

No two golf swings are alike - so now two sets of clubs should be alike either. If you're serious about taking your game to the next level, it's vital to play with equipment that is built for YOUR golf swing.

Throughout the month of June, we're pleased to offer "Current Club Assessments" at Canongate I and Bentwater for just $10. Bring your clubs over and find out if they are helping or hurting your game.

Why wait? Start playing your best golf today.

Club Assessment Coupon

Canongate I - 770-463-3342
Bentwater - 770-529-9554


Submitted by Gary Cox, Canongate I Member.

"Like many mid-handicappers, I have long been enamored of the idea of “buying a game”; you know, finding the magic club or club set that would cure all the problems in my swing. Goodness knows how many clubs I’ve bought “off the rack” over the years with precisely this idea in mind: maybe these were the “wonder clubs” that would fix everything. Inevitably, after a brief but tantalizing “honeymoon,” the new sticks began performing just like the old ones.

Now, however, I think I might just have found some magic: I might have discovered a way actually to buy some solid game improvement. Let me explain.

When my teacher (Canongate’s own Brewster Bassett) and I concluded that I really did need some new irons to match a slowly improving swing (hey---my slow progress isn’t Brewster’s fault---I’m an old guy and a slow learner) he urged me not to purchase new clubs until I had made an appointment with the new “Ping nFlight Performance Center” at CG1. Boy am I glad I heeded Brewster’s advice! With the help of Master Club Fitter Kevin Kraft I spent one of the most enjoyable 90 or so minutes I’ve ever had in golf, hitting a variety of irons from Ping, Mizuno, Taylor Made and Callaway. Each head was combined with multiple shafts, and all my shots were computer evaluated and recorded: I got instant feedback on carry distance, total distance, launch angle, spin rates; suddenly there was hard data which Kevin could use to recommend an iron set that best fit my swing. If you’re a “club junkie” like I am both the process and feedback are interesting and fun. If you need new sticks, it only makes sense to get yourself fitted, especially since what was once only offered to elite players is now available to Canongate members. Any golfer would enjoy this unique and affordable service---you’ll have a great time; learn a lot---and get the equipment best suited to your game into your bag in time for this season."